July 2015

Cooperation Internation Economic Forum Baden-Baden / Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry e.V.

Ladies and gentlemen,

With more than 220 million people the market of the Arab countries in Africa holds numerous opportunities despite existing challenges. The historical events starting in 2011 initiated by the will of the population opened up economic “Chances for the Future”, which now have to be filled with content.


The economic relations between Germany and the countries in North Africa have developed favorably in the past years. Also, the economic outlook is positive and promising: the trade volume between Germany and the Arab countries in Africa reached 18 billion euro in 2014.

The North African countries are constantly strived for diversification of their economies based on sustainability. They expand their infrastructure systems, value alternative energy sources and face the pressing challenges in the field of water supply and food security. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the economic perspectives of the North African states are positive. The planned projects on diversification and modernization involve an enormous business potential for companies, which needs to be unlocked.


The 5th International Economic Forum (IWF) offers an excellent opportunity and platform to exchange on current and future developments while providing new ideas and impetus. I wish all participants of the event lively discussions and enriching encounters.


Abdulaziz Al-Mikhlafi
Secretary General

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